Holistic Healing Categories

There is a wide array of holistic modalities and each healer brings their own unique flavor. This is why we've chosen to focus on high-level groupings at this time. If we're missing an important category, please let us know.


Bodywork uses body-centered therapies including Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Cranial Sacral and Bowen Technique.

Breathwork Facilitator

This includes anything to do with the breath and deep meditation, including kundalini and pranayama breathing practices.


A coach is someone who helps people unlock their personal potential. This could include coaching around life-purpose, nutrition, creativity, intimacy, relationships, financial or business.


Energy healing is a practice where healers channel healing energy into a patient to help balance their energetic systems. This includes modalities such as Reiki, Light Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Tapping.

Fertility & Pregnancy

A fertility healer is someone who specializes in creating the right environment for couples to conceive. Many modalities may be used to achieve this goal.

Kids & Teens

These are healers who work specifically with kids and teens to navigate their way through life with connection, creativity, and joy.


Movement healers focus on strengthening the physical body. This includes personal training, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and dance.

Natural Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. Modalities includes Naturopathy, Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Sound & Music

Sound and music brings about healing through heightened vibration and frequencies. Sound healers use a varied of modalities such as crystal bowls, kirtan, matras, binaural beats, singing, and voicework.


Astrology, Human Design, Dreamwork, Mediumship, Channeling, Psychic, Ceremony, Shamanism, and Spiritual Mentorship.


Therapists focus on healing mental, cognitive, and traumatic experiences. Holistic therapists help individuals, couples, families, and adolescents.