About My Favorite Healer

While you are your best healer, having someone to walk the path with you makes it a whole lot easier. We'd like to know who has made an impressionable impact on your healing journey so more people can experience the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have additional questions or feedback, we'd love to hear that too!

Is this service really free?

Yes! Submitting reviews to My Favorite Healer is, and will always be, FREE. It's the best way to get authentic provider reviews.

Can I submit a review if I'm in a healing profession?

Yes! Everyone has a story to tell when it comes to their healing journey, you included. We just ask that you don't review yourself, k?

I'm a provider, can I ask my clients to submit reviews on this platform?

Yes, feel free to share this platform with your clients if they had a great experience working with you.

What if I have more than one favorite healer?

We have no limit on favorites. If your healer had an impact on your life, we want to hear about it. The more the better! Let's share the love so others can experience the healing that you did.

Why don't you accept negative reviews?

Constructive feedback is always helpful, but there are other platforms you can share that on. Here, we are just focusing on positive reviews. It's an experiment in taking word-of-mouth recommendations to the next level, so that we have a single resource to find healers, already vetted by your community.

Can I submit an anonymous review?

We are not allowing anonymous reviews at this time. We want to uphold the integrity of the community and this is one way to do that. We do take your privacy seriously, so please only post details in your review that you comfortable sharing publically.

Who do you consider to be a holistic healer?

We consider holistic medicine to heal and focus on the whole person: mind, body, and spirit – using natural techniques. Holistic healers are those who create containers to guide people through their own healing journey.

What if I don't see a specific modality in your category list?

There are many different modalities and each healer brings their own unique flavors. This is why we've chosen to focus on high-level categories. You can learn more about how we structure this here. If we're missing an important category, please let us know.

How can I provide feedback?

Please submit your feedback here. We strive to respond to every inquiery within 5 business days.

Hi, I'm Katie Hill!

Years ago I had a mysterious illness, but was unable to find answers in traditional medicine. That’s when I went to my first naturopath. I learned that my body could heal, given the right environment. But what was more powerful was the connection I made with my provider. It was the first time I felt seen, as if I had a healing advocate by my side. Over the years, I’ve expanded into new modalities and have met amazingly gifted healers, each one leaving a lasting impression and deep impact. However, I had nowhere to share my experiences as I saw my providers struggle to find clients because there is no centralized place to find this unique care. That’s why I’ve built a community-vetted positive review platform so that we can share our experiences AND find the best holistic healers around. In addition to building this platform, I use my digital chops as Your Digital Healer to help mission-driven holistic healers build the business systems needed to expand their offers and message in the digital space. As you can see, holistic health means a lot to me. My hope is that brick by brick, we can build the foundational systems needed to usher in a new health paradigm based on love, compassion, and connection. If you'd like to join me in this movement, please submit your reviews, leave me a comment, or follow me on Instagram @myfavoritehealer and @yourdigitalhealer to watch this project unfold.

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